Monday, September 3, 2012

Excitement is Growing

Registrations from missionaries and students are flowing in rapidly as Harding's student steering committee is working hard to prepare for the arrival of approximately 750 participants in this year's Global Missions Experience at Camp Tahkodah. This year's event will integrate much of the ingredients from the 2010 World Mission Workshop with many of the suggestions made to improve the program. The event is being held three weeks earlier in hopes that we'll all enjoy warmer weather. Our food budget and meal portions will be larger. Half of the learning stations are specifically designed for urban settings. More of the learning stations will be held closer to main meeting place of the event.

Our student public relations committee is working hard to contact people from each Christian university to arrange for a promotional visit within the next couple of weeks. If a couple of Harding students can come to your campus and set up a table in your student center, appear at various events, or make an announcement in chapel, please contact us at once at

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