Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Keynote Speakers for Global Missions Experience 2015

This fall Harding missions students and faculty will host the Global Missions Experience at Camp Tahkodah September 17-20, 2015. Our theme this year is RELENTLESS. We are praying that attendees will be moved by God's relentless grace so that they will pursue him, his mission, and commit to attempting to answer the relentless cries of the world. We have given much thought and prayer to the task of selecting keynote speakers for this event.

Here's a sneak peak at the Keynote topics and speakers…

Thursday Evening: Scott Karnes (Ireland) "Relentless God"— From the beginning, God has relentlessly sought to reconcile his creation to himself. He is the God of mission, the God who is determined to recover the lost.

Friday Morning: Alan Howell (Mozambique) "Relentless Pursuit"—Moved by God's grace, out of profound gratitude and for His glory, we respond by seeking God, his will and his mission.

Friday Evening: Dr. Bob Lawrence, "Relentless Cry" – God hears the relentless cries of the lost, the oppressed, the poor, and those who are in need. We who seek to be attuned to his heart, hear the cries, and desire to participate in his response.

Saturday Morning: Adrian Teo (Singapore) Relentless Mission– The Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and the gates of Hades will not be able to stand against it. Wherever God's people partner with him in his mission with relentless effort and determination, working by his power, guided by His Spirit, the Kingdom grows and blesses the masses of the world.

Saturday Evening: Greg Mckinzie (Peru), "Relentless Now"— When we come to understand the relentless demonstration of God's grace and the urgency of his mission to the world, we come to the threshold of our own decision. Will we will relentlessly spend our lives in this mission?

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